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Optimizing your health with genetics

  • We are exited to offer genetic testing for Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease as well as Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Testing with the ultimate goal of improving your health! East Gate Pharmacy has partnered with NationRx to provide this service to our community!
  • PGx testing at East Gate is usually covered by Medicare Part "B" for qualifying patients at NO COST! This service may be covered by other insurance companies and we can verify this with your health insurance card (not your prescription insurance card).

Genetic Testing Survey

What is Pharmacogenomic Testing and How Can It Help Me?

We are all different and not every medication works the same way for everyone. Your DNA Assessment can help to reduce the trial and error of medicine by identifying which drugs you are likely to respond to and which are likely to either not work or actually cause harm.

Your DNA Assessment can also be used to help determine if you and your family members are at risk for certain medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW CAN DNA TESTING HELP ME? Testing can provide results that will help identify the best medication and dosage for YOU! Results can also identify if you are at a higher risk for certain hereditary diseases that can be passed to your children such as cancer and coronary artery disease.

HOW ELSE CAN DNA TESTING HELP ME? The test results may identify if you have a mutated gene responsible for enzyme production. Because enzymes metabolize the medications we take, certain mutations can result in alterations in drug processing which can lead to symptoms such as chronic fatigue and other illnesses. These mutations can also help explain why your medication is not working for you.

DO I NEED TO BE RETESTED EVERY TIME I SEE A DIFFERENT DOCTOR? Usually not, your genetic information doesn't change during your lifetime. However, depending on what you are being tested for, a separate test sample might be required for each.

DOES MY INSURANCE PAY FOR THIS TESTING? If you have Medicare Part B, this service is usually a covered service. For other pharmacy patients, show your health insurance care (not your prescription card) to the pharmacist, they will be able to advise you.

HOW DO I TAKE THE TEST? A simple mouth swab.

WHO WILL HELP ME TAKE THE TEST? A pharmacy staff member will assist you through the entire process, it's very simple.

WHERE DO I TAKE THE TEST? At East Gate Pharmacy.

HOW LONG WILL THE TEST TAKE? 15 to 20 Minutes and it can be done by appointment.