Mass COVID Vaccine Booster (Third Dose) Clinic

Here you will be able to schedule your booster shot at one of our mass clinics in Hot Springs Village. Even if you did not receive your initial vaccines from us you are more than welcome to schedule yourself to receive one with us!

Additional Dose (1).png

Instructions for Booking Your Appointment: Please Read Before Scheduling

1. Click the green button below which will direct you to the COVID Vaccine Scheduler

2. Select the location that you would like to receive a vaccine from.

3. Select the appropriate date for your booster dose. This depends on the date of your second dose of the vaccine and should be at least 6 months after your second dose of Pfizer unless you are immunocompromised which will allow you to receive a third dose of either vaccine at least 28 days after the second dose. Note, if you are immunocompromised, this third dose is completing your initial vaccine series and you will be considered fully vaccinated in the same way that non-immunocompromised individuals are after only 2 dose. If you are immunocompromised you will still need a booster 6-8 months after the completion of your initial vaccine series of 3 doses.

4. Once you have selected the appropriate date, select a time and complete the form with your information.

Note: You will be prompted to indicate if you would like to also receive additional vaccines at the scheduled appointment. You will have the option to also receive your influenza vaccine at the time of receiving your COVID vaccine.

5. Once you have submitted your appointment request you will receive a confirmation email as well as reminder notifications by email and text message leading up to your appointment. You will receive a reminder one week prior to the appointment, 2 days prior to the appointment, and the morning of your appointment. Your confirmation email will contain a copy of the information about each vaccine as well as the vaccine consent form for both the COVID vaccine and the influenza vaccine.